Themes of the symposium




Theme 1: Territorial and Water Multi-purpose Issues

  • 1A. Evaluation of current and future resources and needs
  • 1B. Evaluation of socio-environmental and biodiversity benefits and impacts, positive and negative externalities
  • 1C. Analysis of resilience and adaptability of projects to respond to climate change and changing uses. Decision making methods for choosing a solution, cost-benefits analysis at a regional scale
  • 1D. Lessons learnt from recent water resource crises (drought, floods…)

Theme 2: Governance and Funding

  • 2A. Institutional aspects, stakeholder commitments and inter-relationships
  • 2B. Financial aspects, project funding
  • 2C. Participatory approaches, stakeholders involvement
  • 2D. Special cases of cross-border assets

Theme 3: Innovative solutions in reservoir uses

  • 3A. Multi-purpose hydraulic projects: energy storage, hydropower, hybrid solutions with other renewable intermittent energies, irrigation, navigable waterways, water supply, floods mitigation, protection against marine submersions...
  • 3B. Combining structural and non-structural solutions
  • 3C. Integrating a project into a territory with multiple reservoirs
  • 3D. Complementarities and synergies with intermittent renewable energy, related issues

Theme 4: Operating Multi-purpose facilities

  • 4A. Hydrology for resource management at short and medium term
  • 4B. Tools for operation related decision making including risk management
  • 4C. Short, medium and long-term operation simulation and modelling
  • 4D. Water sharing criteria, trade-off between uses, operation compatibility of additional uses
  • 4E. Performance evaluation of asset management methods
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